Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Morning to My Fellow Black Americans

Because according to Rod Dreher in a very interesting post us rural white Southerners are all part "black" and indeed a good bit of the rest of America. . See Black like Americans

I actually undertand the point Rod is trying to get at and agree with it largely


PersonalFailure said...

Look, I don't care how colorblind you are, or how much you like black people, culture or cooking, unless you have been abused, denied or assaulted just for the color of your skin, you're not black.

And believe me, every black person in this country has run into at least one person who hates them for being black.

James H said...

I do understand your point and of course I post ROD post because they are a tad controversal and thought provoking

But it is a tad more than "Liking black people" or cooking. The cutlural sharing and how the lives have mixed "despite an attempt to impose radical segregation" by law is more than just lets say "skim deep". I think , and I disagree with most of what Andrew Sullivan" is saying hasa point and I think it is a perceptive it took a foreigner to figure it out.

AM I balck? Well no I am not a african American and I don't think Rod is trying to make light of African American struggles or a unique experience. Still there is a connection.

Of course "race" is always a complicted matter especially on what is "black" and what is "white". I do admit the country seems obsessed with it to a certain degree and that is one reason why other ethnic groups in our American culture are ignored basically.

Everything must for some reason be forced in that white or black box