Friday, October 30, 2009

Lee Greenwood Dedicates New Song to Liberal Episcopalians

It seems the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts had some thoughts about current events.See Can you hear Benedict XVI sobbing? A Country Music Legend is coming to their assistance in these exciting times.

Country Music star Lee Greenwood has been stirred to write a song to these brave souls and other that find themselves under attack by Catholics and especially by misguided fundamentalist Anglican traitors and heretics that believe in outdated concepts such as the Nicene Creed.

Creative Minority Report has the lyrics at I'm Proud To Be An Anglican

Rumor is that that Music capital Nashville is abuzz that Greenwood has been summoned to give a command performance for Bishop John Spong himself with also in attendance Katherine "abortion is a blessing" Ragsdale who is the dean of the Cambridge's Episcopal Divinity School .

It also appears esteemed Catholic mind Father Richard McBrien of Notre Dame is working to get Lee to perform this new tune pre kick off at a upcoming Notre Dame Football game.

All proceeds from the I"m Proud to Be an Anglican will be given to Charity.
Those Charities are :
The Episcopal Primate Katharine Jefferts Schori Legal Fund,
The Foundation for the Promotion of Maureen Dowd,
Planned Parenthood,
Religious Equality for Transgendered Eskimos,
The 2012 Obama/Biden Campaign
and of course The National Catholic Reporter for their fine work and assistance through the years.

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