Thursday, October 9, 2008

Congrats - Indianapolis Has 105 Percent Voter Registration

Good Grief one does not know whether to laugh or cry.

I must say I tire of Louisiana always being called corrupt when I see what is happening in other States.Even the most go imaginative Louisiana politician has ever been able to get 105 percent registration in Orleans Parish.

Again I ask is the Catholic Church in their ignorance funding this fraud?

See here and see here for much more details. I intend to call my Diocese and inform them they are about to have one heck of a PR problem Catholic Campaign for Human Development second collection comes around. I suspect they are clueless.

If McCain/ Palin wins this election it will be indeed a miracle with these monkey shines going on. Can one imagine if McCain /Palin had people registering Lafayette Parish and it came back 105 percent!!! CNN and FOX and the NYT would be camped out down there.

I just checked out the U.S. Bishops Web page for Catholic Campaign for Human Development. I guess they don't think there is a problem since they have not even said boo on their web page and given any information to all the questions circulating.


Subvet said...

Remember to vote early and vote often.

James H said...

It appears we might have to get withthat program