Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trinity College Running Over First Amendment Values of Fraternities and Sororities

I have never really thought in deep detail about the First Amendment issues and value questions surrounding Social Fraternities and Sororities on the American College campus except as to a few specific issues.

However the rather jaw dropping actions of Trinity College up in Hartford Conn. has got me thinking about it today. From F.I .R.E. see Trinity College Jettisons Freedom of Association for Greek Organizations and their past Letter to Trinity FIRE Letter to Trinity College President James F. Jones, Jr. 

Basically it seems they pretty much want to ban Frats and Sororities on and indeed OFF CAMPUS .

 I have to think if they were more honest about their approach and just did an alright ban  on Frats about the First Amendment values issues still  raised and indeed there are troubling ones. However it seems the way are doing this ( quotas on members and leadership positions as to Gender etc ) even makes this more problematic. The fact that membership in a social society that is OFF CAMPUS could result in expulsion is even more troubling. That shows even more the wider threat this is to Trinity students that are Frat or not.

Again as always Trinity is a Private College and they do indeed have a First Amendment rights in that matter. However as F.I.R.E points out its important to look at how Trinity has morally and legally bound by its own promises to students that enter.

In an area where colleges either through their administration ( see Vandy ) or their SGA ( see TUFTS ) wish to mute some Christian rights on campus this might should raise some flags.

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