Friday, May 17, 2013

Dallas / Fort Worth TV Station Highlights Texan & His Catholic Seminary in Louisiana

What a wonderful news vid from the CBS Dallas  / Fort Worth TV that highlights a Diocese of Fort Worth  Texas man that is in Catholic Seminary at St Joseph's in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

It goes not only into him but St Joseph's and the rise in young men entering the priesthood. Very nice PR for the seminary. Its pretty interesting that the the station made the long trip down to South Louisiana for this very well produced story.

I saw this on the the St Joseph Seminary Facebook page as regards to this.

CBS in Dallas-Fort Worth ran a feature on its 12 May news program entitled "More Young Men Choosing Priesthood," featuring one of our seminarians from the Diocese of Fort Worth, Brett Metzler, and an interview with President-Rector Fr. Gregory Boquet.

 We're very excited about the coverage, and we wanted to corroborate Fort Worth's increasing vocations with our own figures. The news looks good, not only for the past few years, but for the one to come.

2011-2012 83 Seminarians
2012-2013 106 Seminarians

2012 Graduation was 16 Bachelor of Arts and three Pre-Theology Certificates
2013 Graduation was 26 Bachelor of Arts and two Pre-Theology Certificates; twenty-four of these are going on to graduate studies in theology

Father Gregory is projecting an enrollment of 110 students in Fall 2013.

Please keep up your prayers for vocations and encourage the young people you meet to seriously consider the religious life. The monks here at the Abbey frankly find their lives a blessing, contrary to the public perception of religious life as something burdensome or unappealing. Let's get that message out there!

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Anonymous said...

I know Fr. Greg well and he and his program and one of the best in the nation IMO.

Great story, thanks for posting.