Thursday, May 23, 2013

Should I Donate To Louisiana Pentecostal Preacher Turned Atheist Film ?

The Friendly Atheist had a post up that caught my eye. See Support a Documentary About Ex-Preacher Jerry DeWitt

This is a topic that gets buzz and talk in both the religious and secular arenas from time to time. I am interested in this film and the rural Pentecostal angle is intriguing to me.

They are asking for funds:

 If you want the inside scoop on the biggest challenge facing the filmmakers, it is this: We need to crack the tough nut that is DeRidder, Louisiana. We want to present an intimate and truthful portrayal of life in Jerry’s hometown. Not just the clichés about small-town intolerance, but the real deal. The good, the bad and the ugly. But it’s hard to do that when you live in California and have limited funds. We’ll need to spend a lot of time there to build trust. You can’t “helicopter in” on a story like this. That’s why we need your help. Your contributions will allow us to really settle down in Southeast Louisiana for long enough to develop relationships and approach the subject in a truly “verite” style. This is the only way to get past the understandable caution of folks in DeRidder, not to mention our own West Coast biases. 

That has got me thinking I might want to send a few bucks if they are going to be fair. Though this part of their plea has me worried

But our filmmaking journey is only beginning. Jerry’s book is coming out in June, which is likely to change a lot of things for him. In the same week he is planning a major secular service in Baton Rouge, which may be the beginning of the humanist congregation down the road from Bobby Jindal’s statehouse .


I am not exactly sure why that religious and political dog whistle is there except maybe to reach a certain demographic. I suspect Bobby Jindal nor most folks in Baton Rouge are going get the vapors over a secular Church service . Still it is sort of an interesting film and If done in a fair manner that does not portray my fellow Louisiana folks as idiots one I am interested in.


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