Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LSU to Have LGBT Graduation ?

I mentioned earlier I was without phone and internet for about 5 days through a power company mistake. My main source of news was the cable and I have to say I am tad Cleveland kidnapping story out.

So I missed a lot of news most of which I get through social media. One item I missed was Louisiana State University Sponsoring Gay Graduation Ceremony

I will be the first to admit that LSU graduations because of the class size are not the most intimate of affairs. Still a gay graduation ? Its hard to see how this idea could be limited. What about a LSU Newman Club graduation , or  College Republican club graduation. In fact one would have to think FRAT only graduations would be a hit.

Not sure LSU is thinking this through.


The Underground Pewster said...

Pretty soon the Animal Husbandry majors will want their own graduation too.

Katy Anders said...

Finally! LSU allows gay graduation!

I'm kidding... But I've heard of schools - and public schools at that - having Latino graduation ceremonies or African-American graduation ceremonies.

Of course, that sounds... constitutionally infirm to me. But with a little investigation, I've been told that anyone can participate. That apparently cures the potential problems...

I suspect, then, that at schools allowing for such a thing, pretty much ANYONE who applies for their own ceremony would be allowed.

James H said...

that might be the case. I think I have heard of a Foreign student graduation perhaps.

I am going to be curious if this starts a trend