Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sr. Joan McGlinchey Spins Health Care Bill To Italian Catholic Press

NOTE (I have been corrected that the paper mentioned and linked is a SECULAR Italian Daily)

Now I don't want to degrade the good work the Cabrini sisters do. I am not doing that. But I have to say I take issue with some of this spin. Here is the google translate page.

" because they have thought that at the end, thanks to an executive order, the president will reaffirm the limitations deep taxes to the use of federal for the abortion. Certainly, now it is necessary to wait for and to see if things will go indeed in this way or not”."

What? Where is the talk about this executive order in the nuns statement

It was not on the table yet. Regardless the President can "reaffirm" all he wants. The Louisiana State legislature reaffirms in House resolutions that Louisiana folks should not buy chinese crawfish. Yet people can still buy chinese crawfish. It is basically the same thing

I have yet to see any serious legal analysis from a netural party that seems to think this means anything.

The good sisters need to listen to better lawyers.

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