Saturday, March 27, 2010

LSU Baseball Beats Tennessee (Home of Evil Instapundit) on the Road In Game 1 (Links)

Big day for LSU Sports fans. Even the LSU SPRING FOOTBALL game will be on ESPN2 today. I have not talked at all about Spring practice because I have found over the years we learn nothing useful from it really. Seriously. SO I will be watching both the game and listening to LSU baseball on the radio today. PERFECT WORLD. In fact it is LSU all the time today because we are playing the other two games of the series all today because of threats of bad weather in Knoxvegas (Knoxville)

Now back to the business at hand. We beat Tennessee in GAME 1!! This is a team that for some reason only know to the oracles of old I guess that LSU baseball has fits with the last three years.

LSU Sports Net has their story up on the game Ross, Hanover Lead Baseball Past Tennessee

Carl Dubois has his excellent post up at GAME BLOG: LSU 6, Tennessee 2 (final) that has also some GREAT audio interviews of the players and such. THANKS TIGER RAG FOR SENDING CARL UP TO GOD FORSAKEN TENN with all that "orange".

The Advocate has Ross, LSU handle Vols, 6-2 and Ranaudo to start DH opener

The rest of the reporting is sort of blah in the other papers sine I think Tiger Rag and the Advocate are the only ones that made the road trip I think. So you can get what you need from the above.

Carl has already started his new Game Day thread (I guess there will be two today since it is a doubleheader) at GAME BLOG: LSU at Tennessee ( Think this is the game thread ) . He already has some audio interviews up.
Update here is some some stuff from the evil orange Rocky Top folks and their viewpoint.
Tennessee Drops 6-2 Decision as No. 4 LSU Pulls Away Late and there is a photo galley from last nights game linked there (OH THE ORANGE HURTS MY EYES) BUT GOOD ARMY PARACHUTE PHOTOS


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