Thursday, March 25, 2010

LSU May Get On-Campus Brewery (COME TO LSU) (Not the Onion) (Updated)

Well I think this is a swell idea. :)

I see people on twitter are having fun with this at #lsubeer

For Christmas Trindon Holliday Ale
Les Miles Lager- when poured, it's 75% head.
The NA market is important-Mahmoud
Miles Malt Liquor. Comes with an ugly white cap
Actually Bourbon Inside
Brandon LaFell Down Drunk
How about Matt "Single" Mauck
The Jarrett Lee Variety Pack: Pick-six of your favorites!
Ryan Perrilloux Pilsner (quick to drink/lifetime of bad decisions)
Colt David 45

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Jim said...

Students "expressed interest". I'll bet they did!