Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vatican Doing Preemptive Wikileaks Damage Control? 1988 Ratzinger Letter Released

No doubt the Holy See has been informed by the State Department what the cables said that are in the possession of the unfortunate Wikileaks groups. It appears there are over 800 of them. Of course not all will deal with the Clergy Sexual Abuse scandal but we have confirmations some will.

So three Cheers for the Vatican that for once appears making steps of getting ahead of the story perhaps. I am willing to bet that the release of this 1988 document of Cardinal Ratzinger is related.

See Pope in 1988 sought to remove abusers faster


Let me be clearer. I suspect they might be releasing this in case the Cables portray the Vatican as not being pro active enough.

Update II- See new post First Indications of What Are In Vatican Wikileaks Cables Emerge


Joe Heschmeyer said...

It's hard to see how the document itself could do anything other than help the pope's reputation. I'll be fascinated to see if, and how, the media are able to bash the Church with this.

James H said...

Oh I agree. Again I understand the whole balance of rights and interest here. That is of the alleged victim and Priests that are fighting perhaps false accusations.

I would love to see that document on Ratzingers views and solution

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