Monday, December 20, 2010

ESPN's Outside the Lines Attacked Les Miles On Recruiting

I was really shocked at some of the bad journalism that was on ESPN yesterday morning. You can watch the piece here. One of the main reporters that covers LSU comes to Miles defense and gives clarity and additional facts THAT WERE NOT IN THAT PIECE.

The fact that Chris Garrett is portrayed as some victim here is laughable. Les Miles refused to be interviewed for this piece and one can understand why. He can't be in a situation when he gets in to unseemly back and forth with a former recruit and kid. However the question is this. WHY OH WHY did ESPN appears not to interview or consult worth local media in Baton ROughe on this situation? If they did it was not apparent in the story.

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Mike said...

"He recruited too well, or at least he signed too many smart guys."


Ethical programs and coaches never oversign exactly because of this possibility, Glenn. Wake up.