Monday, February 11, 2013

Why is the New York Times Protected and Corporations of Faith Not

Josh Blackman has an excellent post at  “Can a corporation have a conscience?” . 

I keep asking these questions but I am  still getting not very good answers. We seem to think correctly that just because one might be a corporation that does not mean anything goes. We don't seem to think as to the corporate form that the Govt can just ignore the takings clause or search any corporation without a warrant

Why is Religion different?. As Blackman points out should not the NYT logic apply to the press.The NYT is a  corporation and yet they think the First amendment applies to them  Again I waiting for logical response to this but so far it has just been ignored..

Let us be clear. We are not talking about 1st amendment law to be radically now seen anew. We are talking about folks having standing ( or their day in court). Why are people so fearful of that.


Dennis Mahon said...

Because religion stands in the way of their Utopian dreams.

Good post. By the by, I gtot myself #twittergulaged again. Just don't know my own temper.

Anonymous said...

The Times had 10 stories on the Church yesterday. Naturally, not all positive.