Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wishing Conservatives Would Quit Quoting CNN’s Jack Cafferty

He was a mean ole ranting blowhard when he was against Bush every single day and my view has not changed since he is NOW a critic of Obama. I can get better political advice and commentary from my pet rock.

Why CNN keeps him I have no clue. It just make Wolf Blizter look bad that sadly has to share a stage with. Not wanting to pick ON MCJ here. Everyone is doing it.
If we keep quoting him then CNN might never get rid of him. His "I am mad as Hell and I am not Going to Take It Anymore" Network routine adds nothing .


Mary Ellen said...

I never could stand him...this guy did nothing but praise and adore Obama and now all of the sudden he's surprised that Obama turned out to be a lying sack of..well, you know. I remember well when Obama was up against Hillary in the primary race and he took every dirty potshot he could at Hillary, it was a misogynist-fest. He thought nothing of calling those who supported Hillary a bunch of racist and idiots. Funny how all those "idiots" turned out to be smarter than him.

Cafferty would be best suited for the cartoon network.

James H said...

The Cartoon Network is EXACTLY RIGHT

I have no idea why CNN keeps him. Do people actually enjoy him? I think he is vile and takes aways from what is suppose to be the serious news hour