Friday, January 29, 2010

A Short Response to the Instapundits and Other Conservatives For Gutting Space Programs

I saw this post We Haven’t Lost The Moon

There is no doubt that NASA can be reformed. There is also no doubt we need to be thinking outside the box and trying to do ventures between private industry and the space program.

Both are needed .However There are reason why FDR did not delegate the creation of the atomic bomb to FORD. I have huge doubts if Iran is delegating their nuclear hopes to private enterprise in their country.

Again there can be and needs to be reform. But the gutting of NASA will do nothing to achieve the USA aims in space.

It is a sad state of affairs that INDIA looks to have more vision than we do. Perhaps that is where the vision is.

Ever see those great magazine covers on Popular Science. You know 99 percent of the crap that will be in the future but never seems to come to reality. I am still awaiting the SPACE ELEVATOR that private enterprise was suppose to give us.

We need to reform but there is still a needed role for Govt funding in the early days of this still new era.

The exploration in our history of the "New World" was a combination of both private and govt funding. Both were needed. Both showed failures but both together bumbled along until the private enterprises could carry it on its own.

We need to be careful about making huge mistakes here.

How would private enterprise with a huge amount of stockholders demanding profit make money off the Mars Rover or the Hubble telescope? Can someone give me those answers.

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