Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Louisiana Democrats Try to Link Vitter to "Louisiana Watergate".

Good grief who is running the show down there. See Breathless State Dems Attempt To Tar Vitter For O’Keefe Caper

The more I look at this the more this advise seem apt. See Follow Breitbart’s Advice On The O’Keefe Arrest

I am not sure what they were doing but it seems that trying to "tap" a phone seems unlikely. I mean these guys are not idiots. You just can't tap people phones and then put that stuff on the internet.

Update- I agree with Kiss My Gumbo if we are going to name this "caper" we need to be original and not just call it "Louisiana Watergate" See My 2 cents on “Poydrasgate”

I am still not convinced they were trying to tap phones. On a side note their first mistake was sending in 3 guys as telephone repair people. When do you have three telephone repair people show up anywhere.

The liberal NOLA blogger Your Right Hand Thief has a interesting theory and I have to admit it sounds like the average wackiness that occurs often in both parties in the Land of New Orleans. At Big Pimpin' [Pimpgate]

....Umm, but an inquisitive person might wonder: what would motivate this celebrated conservative "investigator" to work with a team to allegedly bug Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office, and why would they attempt to do it right now? (A complimentary magic jack installation? I doubt it.) Hmm... Well, Mary's brother Mitch is running for mayor of New Orleans, and despite absolutely no evidence, it's an article of faith among conservatives that Mary Landrieu has made a deal with national Democratic party party interests to assist her brother's election. Although lack of proof never stopped them before, perhaps they wanted to uncover evidence of some coordinated plot, in order to throw the race in a tizzy. The latest poll on the mayoral contest showed Mitch doing well in every demographic, including 37% of GOP voters (who voted for against Landrieu and for Nagin last time around, based on some of the stupidest "rationales" that I'd ever seen). Unless something fairly dramatic happens, the current campaign dynamics are very favorable for Mitch. Isn't it conceivable that this alleged attempt to bug Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office had something to do with derailing her brother in the mayor's race?

Discussion is continued at my thread What Likely Happened With The O’Keefe / Landrieu Office Stunt

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