Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conservatives Trying to Bug Senator Landrieu's Office

Hmm this sounds pretty counterproductive for those that oppose ACORN and their monkey shines.

Bad Bad Bad move if true. This is going to be explosive and needs to be condemned. I don't think many conservatives are going to be in his Corner on this. I know I am not.

LOL yes Louisiana readers one of the "defendants"does have a very big Louisiana connection. I was wondering if that was him. Good Grief I have met him. Boy is his daddy going to be Mad

Update II-
The more I look at this the more odd it is. Oh James O Keefe tweets "I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free." Oh and it appears he recorded all this stuff on his cell phone. What?

Update III

More thoughts at
Louisiana Democrats Try to Link Vitter to "Louisiana Watergate".


helgothjb said...

the real question is, "What did they think they would find?" It seems there is something to hide since they are calling out the dogs.

James H said...

That is true. I am beginning to think they were not really trying to tap the phones. That just seems stupid.