Saturday, August 22, 2009

Francis Beckwith (Catholic Revert) Revisits Evangelical Theological Society Controversy

Dr Beckwith's coming back to the Catholic faith was of some note a couple of years ago. As a former Baptist I was very interested in it. He was President of the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society). His coming back to the faith needless to say was like setting off a atomic bomb in that organization.

He has written a piece on that that is worth reading. That is Evangelical and Catholic. A very good read. Besides recounting that drama and responding to some arguments it is a pretty darn good apologetic piece.

On a side note to my Louisiana Tech alumni readers, he mentions Denny Burke that played a pretty big role in this controversy. (Basically his position was Catholics need not apply to the ETS). Denny , who has a fine blog I keep up with , graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1996, He was arriving on campus as I was finishing up. Some Tech alumni readers of this blog from that period no doubt ran across him. So that is sort of cool.

Dr Beckwith also blogs. His entries can be found at Southern Appeal and What’s Wrong with the World.

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