Monday, August 31, 2009

Christopher Hitchens Novel Defense of John Edwards

Maybe he needs to go back to bashing Christians.

From Kaus:
From Resilience to Delusion: Is Christopher Hitchens really offering up the most ancient, cliched rationalization of infidelity in defense of his friends, Elizabeth and John Edwards?

In the unequal battle between life and death (as she understood in her father's case), Eros has its part in warding off Thanatos, and if this really was--as I believe--her husband's first lapse, it might have been partly because of the death-haunted context in which, for all his money and charm, he found himself.

'Thanatos made me do it.' This was also Warren Beatty's rationalization in Shampoo, if I remember right. ... P.S.: I think there is actually a significant possibility that Hitchens really believes Rielle Hunter was John Edwards' "first lapse"--that he's not just trying to be kind to his friends. He should stop being a fool. ... 12:26 P.M.


David Murdoch said...

Well he did bash christians a little bit in that article: 'not recognizing the contradiction of God giving you free will'

How do they convince themselves of these arguments?...

God Bless,

James H said...

Hh good point