Saturday, August 29, 2009

What About Joan Kennedy?

I very much enjoyed the Kennedy stuff today. Though I was not a Kennedy fan I recognize the importance of the man and more the importance of the ideas he represented But what really got me was the commentary.

Of course no one wants to speak ill of the dead, especially liberal talking heads talking about a liberal icon, but still. It is amazing that during all the commentary kudos were laid upon VICKI but what about Joan ? Yes she has had a tragic life no doubt of in part by her own weakness but she was there standing by her man when all the crap hit the fan . Perhaps to bring up Joan brings up all those "not so nice things" because she stood by him during that.

So I agree with this article and I hope when she passes on it just doesn't get a mention on page a-14 of the NYT

What About Joan Kennedy: Doesn't She Deserve an Honorable Mention Too?

Update- I should make clear I am not speaking ill of Vicki. It 's just the almost going out of the way to mention Joan's contribution was a tad sad and unfair. Almost like she is disposable though for decades she was part of the "magic"

Update- Related- See my post Can People Pray For A Captial Gains Tax Cut At My Funeral? I am hoping to show that the Kennedy funeral shows a problem on a grand scale that we see at every day Catholic funerals. Whether they are Republican or Democrat!!!

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Anonymous said...

I felt that Joan merited an honorable mention at the service. She stood by the Senator in some very difficult times, and she is the mother of his three children. She had her demons but so did he and she deserved to be recognized.