Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So It Is Southern Baptist Convention Time

As a former Baptist I always take some interest in the Southern Baptist Convention. The last couple of years there has been friction between the Calvinist branch and non Calvinist branch. I will say this about Southern Baptist Conventions. Unlike many Bishops Conferences I have seen things seem to get done and are applied in a aggressive fashion. I might be doing some more Baptist post than usual this week

I note below that Huckabee is at the Convention. That should be interesting. I suspect Huckabee is not very pleased with some folks there because of what he perceives as lack of support for his run.

Here are some headlines

Leader plans Southern Baptist shake-up
Black pastor: Southern Baptists should honor Obama
Southern Baptist Head: We Have a Vision Problem
Mike Huckabee slams Obama on Iran, abortion in speech to SBC pastors
Southern Baptists look for cures to stagnation
My Thoughts on Today’s Southern Baptist Convention Meeting 6:23:09
The Confusing Future Direction of the SBC


Anonymous said...

This is Oneal Lane, for some reason my log in will not work. My comment:

The Baptist solution proposed here, relaxing rules etc., will not work. they have been experimenting with that nationally i.e.--- the big mega-church--Rick Warren cult. No other church dove in so deep.

Part of the problem, like so many other churchs, is that the U.S culture is changing, all the nominal members that used to attend out of local community expectation, no longer feel that pull.

I contend that if a churche(s) sticks with the gosphel message, preach the cross and salvation, practice good fellowship, that is all that is needed. stop worring about numbers and finances. The true sheep still will hear the Masters Voice.

James H said...

Yeah reading the articles I think some pof the proposals are wrong headed.

There seems to be theme of lets be more like the Methodist Church. THe UMC is losing tons of members.

I think part of the problem Southern Baptist have is Doctinal education. Like on Core things like the Trinity. I compare older Southern Baptist and Evangelicals for that matter and the younger ones and I am tad shocked. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a Oneness Pentecostal.

I think that is part of the problem. The youth sort of slip into other Faith traditions and not totally aware that there are some major differences

It will be interesting to see what Hispanic Evangelicals do in SBC. They of course will be crucial. They have like the Hispanic Catholic a very charismatic flair. Which is of course legit. I am not downing legit charismatic Christians. Still there are some fundamental errors that I think can come through the backdoor. So goodSeminary education for the rising Hispnaci Baptist population is going to be crucial

Anonymous said...

By: Oneal Lane

The SBC Baptists are "systems people". They believe and strongly practice "systems" to do the work intended for the Holy Spirit. They are desperately trying to come up with a new "system" to make the church relevant. It is a effort doomed to fail, as it is not spiritually based. (I am not chrismatic or full gospel, but do believe in the work of the Holy Spirit). If I had the time I would like to re-write a protion of one of the gospels in the way the modern protestant church thinks.

Like this: And Peter turned to the Lord and said: "Master, these people lack interest in your word, they mock you openly and pay no heed to the faith of their fathers, how shall we remedy this?"

The Lord turned to Peter and said: how long shall I suffer you, have I not told you about focus groups, community sampling, questionaires and yet you fail to follow up? thou shall never become relevant to these people. Go out hither now and bring your 12 string harps and play the new music I have taught thee.

Ok, so I am not a great writer but I hope I have made my point.