Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Religious Liberty For Atheists Abroad and At Home

The Friendly Atheist has a post up U.S. Religious Freedom Commission Once Again Champions the Rights of Atheists

I have to say I suspect the religious liberty for Atheists abroad will be of a low priority for the Government. I base that on the fact that  for Christians, non Christians , etc seems to be of a pretty low priority of our Governement. Case in point is the depressing situation in China. At one time religious liberty was a major focus. The whole shift in tone on this issue from just the 1980s is big.

This got me thinking of the religious liberty issue at home and how atheists tend to interact with it. In my experience its usually a matter of political viewpoint. The more Libertarian an atheist is the more they might think some of these crazy American Christians might have a point That partly is because they see other related First Amendment issues such as assembly and Speech that are also implicated often.. The more liberal ( with some exceptions ) an atheists is we see the "common good" seems to trump individual and group religious liberty rights. As usual the battle for allies will be in that middle.

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