Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Does a Michigan Snowblower Company Have To Do With Contraception and Religious Liberty? - Federal Court On Friday

National Review has a interview with the Michigan Attorney General that is involved in another front involving the HHS Contraception mandate. In this case a private business will be asserting their claim in U.S. District court in Detroit this Friday. See that interview here.


APOV said...

The Michigan Snowblower Company is just like all the other employers who refuse to pay their employees the benefits which they earn. They are trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act with bogus claims of religion.

James H said...

There is no sense this person is filing a bogus claim. But there is a honest moral claim here he has

APOV said...

If they have real religion, then why do they cherry-pick what they are going to protest on the basis of the financial gain to the corporation and its owners? The Bible says that "the workman is worthy of his hire", but they do everything they can to avoid paying fair wages and benefits to their employees. Then, after a law is passed to require that employees be compensated with fair and equitable healthcare insurance, those who exploit their employees for their own financial gain, all of a sudden get this overwhelming religious conviction that they have some sort of paternalistic or slave-owner-type control over the reproductive organs of their employees, and that it would be giving some sort of immoral gift to the employees to pay for the healthcare insurance for which their employees work. The Congress of the United States works for us, and we provide them with medical insurance. As my representatives, the Congress must pass legilation to mandate that my own employer compensates me with equal medical insurance as they have themselves. We are all working for a living, and "a living" includes medical insurance.