Wednesday, September 5, 2012

University of Tennessee Named One Of The Best For 1st Amendment Freedom While Vanderbilt Still One of the Worst

Two major Universities in the State of Tennessee, both in the SEC Conference, and both have had proud traditions.

However there is a major difference. Vanderbilt University seems to have a whole slew of Spirit of First amendment problems See here and the VID below .

While that same organization that made the vid above has today deemed the University of Tennessee Knoxville one of the best 7 Colleges in the nation for free speech matters.

I had the pleasure of touring the campus of UT this weekend. I am happy they got these kudos. Hopefully VANDY might learn something.

It should be noted that on that list of the top 7 schools for Free Speech matter two other SEC schools make the list. Those being Ole Miss and Mississippi State !!

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