Monday, September 10, 2012

Vatican Holds Six Day Conference For Journalists To Help Them Cover Catholicism

I am hoping this is successful. I would like to know besides people like John Allen what people from the Anglo press will be attending. From Vatican Radio see The Church Up Close: helping journalists to get the story straight

Here is a part:

...Father Wauk explains that the way journalists cover Vatican stories since the beginning of the Papacy of Benedict XVI is indeed different to how they would have gone about reporting during the age of Pope John Paul II. He explains that during the papacy of the latter a great deal of media coverage was focussed on the personality and on the person of John Paul II. This - he says - "has changed quite a bit and the coverage of "Catholic" stories is not as centered upon the person of Benedict". That's why - he says - we talk about covering Catholicism "in the Age of Benedict" and not "covering the Papacy" or something along those lines.

Fr. Wauk says that having the Seminar in Rome provides a vantage point for aspiring journalists from which to see the whole Church. A convenient place from which to see a bit of everything. And that - he says - is what we try to provide in our Seminar.

As well as giving participants an array of tools to strengthen their coverage including a basic sense of the lay of the land at the Vatican, the Seminar also offers a series of in-depth analyisis of specific hot-button issues confronting the Church today such as inter-religious dialogue, social and bio-ethical topics , sexual morality and so on as well as the nature and structure of the Catholic Church, its organization and its role in international politics.....

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