Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Newspaper Same-Sex Wedding Announcement For Deep South Catholic Louisiana

It is not my intent in this post to discuss the merits of same sex marriage, blessing, unions etc. I hold a pretty orthodox Catholic position on that.

Still it's worth noting that this is a pretty significant first for this conservative  very Catholic Parish of the State  , and I agree with writer of this story it is perhaps a first for this greater region we call Acadiana here in Louisiana.

Also I do agree that  it taking  place in Kaplan of all places is unexpected. In fact its perhaps is  one of the last places I would expect. See their post This week in awesome: The Kaplan Herald via The Independent.


The Underground Pewster said...

There is no earthly escape from the zeitgeist.

This kind of thing may have contributed to the fall of NOLA's T.P.

James H said...

I am willing to blame the Picayune for anything nowadays lol till they reverse their 3 days a week publishing thing