Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will the Democrats and Liberal Faithful Listen to Sen Lindsey Graham

I doubt it. They will fall hook , line , and sinker for the smoke and mirrors we shall see played out over the next few months. See Why Graham balked; can Dems win by losing on climate AND immigration?


Pro Ecclesia said...

I still think Graham is a useful idiot, more interested in "the art of dealmaking" than anything else.

James H said...

Well I like him as you know. Parly I guess because he and I line up on most issues.

That being said I think he is right that on the two bill and especially immigration this is all a ruse

Pro Ecclesia said...

Where do you line up with him on the issues?

JH, I know you have core principles and, more importantly, I know what those core principles are (and almost always share them).

But I have no idea what Lindsey Graham's core principles are, beyond making deals, getting good press, and having Democrats say nice things about him.