Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Louisiana Catholics To Oppose Pope Benedict's "Turn Friday into Family Night" Scheme

From the very interesting post from America Rabbi blog

Shmuley will be asking the Pope for his international support in the ‘Turn Friday Night into Family Night’ initiative, which encourages parents to spend Friday nights at home with their family in order to give children one uninterrupted night focused on them. “I hope the Pope joins me in support of ‘Turn Friday into Family Night,’ which I believe is a program that will positively impact the world’s families, of any religious denomination” says Rabbi Shmuley....

We learn details of what happened

“In addition, Your holiness, the dual clock face is a symbol of my request that you please join us in establishing a global family dinner night which we call, ‘Turn Friday Night into Family Night.’ It involves what we call the triple two. Two hours of uninterrupted time that parents give their kids, inviting two guests, just as I am your guest today, and discussing two important subjects.”
While I said this Pope Benedict again nodded.
I concluded, ‘Your holiness, it’s so important that our two religions work together on this.’ He said warmly, ‘We will work together. We will work together.’ He held my hand while we spoke. The watch we gave the Pope as a gift has special resonance because the owner, Will Stein, is an orthodox German convert to Judaism

What about the 8th Sacrament of Louisiana Catholics. That being Louisiana Friday Night High School Football.

I think the Catholic League in New Orleans will object!! Why can't we have Family Night IN THE STANDS!!

What about LSU BASEBALL on Friday Nights!!

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