Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catholics On the Web Reaction to the Obama Notre Dame Speech (Updated With Day After Reactions)

I shall try to update this as the night goes on. So be sure too bookmark and visit tonight and tomorrow

American Catholic has The Obligatory Obama Speech Post and Notre Dame Takes Sycophancy To A New Level

The Catholic Faith, Political , and Legal blog Southern Appeal has Quick Thoughts on Obama-ND Speech and Obama & the Lone Crying Baby

Amy Welborn has a good post Obama at Notre Dame(This should have a lively comment section.)

Msgr. Eric R. Barr, a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois over at his blog Anamchara is pretty blunt. In fact he seems to be echoing something I am seeing in many Catholic blogs. Many people are more upset with Father /President Jenkins Speech than Obama'. See A TRAVESTY AT NOTRE DAME: THE HONORING OF PRES. OBAMA He says in part:
"The real travesty was Fr. John Jenkins whose introductory speech sounded suspiciously like those French Revolution/Napoleonic prelates who threw the ancient faith overboard in their haste to make peace with the secular government. He lauded Obama in almost Messianic terms and then added that Catholics are against his position on abortion but other than that he really is the Messiah. One looks for a change in the library mosaic."

The Popular Creative Minority Report has some initial thoughts at Some Thoughts From The Speech (Again the theme appearing more people really upset over the Father Jenkins Speech)

Ten Reasons point out in this post something that is important to remember. See argumentum ex silentio

This is very interesting The More Progressive America Catholic magazine blog has two reactions. Michael Sean Winters appears to be very rough and even tad miffed. See Obama Gets a C minus at Notre Dame. Give Mr Winters credit he outs some of the problems up front and center. On the flip side James Martin, S.J. thinks it was great. See The Speech at Notre Dame

Conscience clause? Well that gave me some hope. However Secondhand Smoke: Your 24/7 Seminar on Bioethics and the Importance of Being Human is throwing a bunch of cold water on that. See Obama Calls for "Conscience Clause" Rights While His Administration Destroys Existing Conscience Clause Rights (Note I have no idea of this guy is Catholic but he is the only one that seems to be questioning that promise at the moment.) So therefore the exception

I ma taking some interest what the Catholics are saying over at the National Review's Corner blog. David Freddoso has a good post here from Notre Dame itself after the Speech. He points out correctly the issue is not Obama but Notre Dame and Father Jenkins. See Thoughts from Notre Dame. Ramesh Ponnuru has thoughts here at More Notre Dame . I am sure Lopez and other will have more thoughts and I will try to link those.

Deacon Keith Fournier has an Op-ed over at the Catholic Online Newservice. See Dr. Obama of Notre Dame: ‘Irreconcilable Views’ call for a New Catholic Action

Over at THE CATHOLIC THING Prof Ralph McInerny of Notre Dame gives some insight on what happened today and what this means. See A House Divided

I have been waiting for the first posts on Mirrors of Justice- A blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory. There are some heavy hitters over there. Including Prof Rick Garnett of Notre Dame that has been in the public forefront on this issue. He has a initial post up Obama's speech . I expect a lot of good quality posts and back and forth the next day or so.

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! our Priest studying in Rome has some short thoughts here at Caricature of a U.S. President

Ten Reasons has another post up I might highlight again on Monday. See The fighting straw men

Update II-(The day after )
I expect more reaction today as people digest the speech and depending on your point of view the depressing or wonderful student and faculty speeches.

American Catholic has another contribution this morning. See The real sadness of Notre Dame

Deal Hudson over at Inside Catholic has Notre Dame Becomes a Symbol of Catholic Dissent

The Eastern Orthodox Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News over at his place Crunchy Con has Abortion side: Father Jenkins or Father Weslin? and Obama's weak Notre Dame speech

InForum Blog by Sheila Liaugminas has Finally

Going back to the National Review Online and what the Caholics are saying. John J. Miller has a report from Notre Dame Grad and friend that was at the protest. See A Day at the "Protests"
Kathryn Jean Lopez has her contribution over at the Corner blog part of NRO. See The Scandal of Notre Dame . Mrs Lopez has her main article up on the aftermath at NRO at Notre Dame Says ‘Yes We Can’

Amy Welborn has more at Reax (which has an interesting picture) and But what about the Response?

We should look at what the Catholic brain trust at the Washington Post are saying. Usually they are the ones that basically seem to want to make the Catholic Church the new Episcopal Church USA with the Vatican's main job taking care of the nice tourist attractions in Rome.
See at their On Faith Blog -Susan Jacoby: Obama and Notre Dame: Profiles in Courage , and
Thomas J. Reese: He Came, He Spoke, He Conquered , Obama a Champion at Notre Dame. TO be fair they do throw a bone to those that agreed with the Bishops. See Notre Dame's Betrayal

My Fellow Louisiana Blogger(and future Catholic Law Student) For the Greater Glory has a pretty good fisking of the Speeches here. See Speeches at Notre Dame

Vox Nova has The Problem with Paradigms

National Review has put two more substantial articles up by Catholics. See Obama and the ‘Real’ Catholics by George WEIGEL and A Little Battle for Notre Dame President Obama and the soul of a Catholic University. by David Freddoso

Father at Standing On my Head gives his thoughts through humor at Todd on Notre Dame

Mere Comments has a great post here at Notre Madame et le President

Louisiana Baton Rouge Catholic Expat now in Nebraska Revolution 21 is pretty blunt as usual. See Notre Dame des Douleurs

Amy Welborn has another great piece up that shows some of the nonsense. See Religious Vigilantes

The Insight Scoop weblog has a nice set of links including some from Our Sunday Visitor. See Pres. Obama's ND appearance: Links, commentary, analysis

Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana has these links of interest:
Obama Calls for ‘Fair-Minded’ Abortion Debate, but Was Against “Born Alive Infant Protectin Act”A Faithful Priest Gives Clarity In a Time of Dissent
Did You Miss The Vatican’s Response to the Notre Dame Scandal?
Moral Relativism and Obama at Notre Dame: He Preaches to the Liberal Choir!
A Priests’ Commentary on the Notre Dame Scandal

The National Review at the Corner blog is still on this. See Ranting about Civility [Ramesh Ponnuru] and Speaking of Dionne [Ramesh Ponnuru] On a postive note check out this new article at NRO Obama’s Case Against ObamaWhy the president’s Notre Dame speech should hearten lifers . . . a little.

Final Update

I will hit other significant comments during the week if they are something new.

I was waiting on Father's Zs take. Here it is . See My take on Sunday at Notre Dame

Wait one more!!! Amy Welborn has the voice of one our Bishops. A Bishop we are having too look too more and more. She has Archbishop Chaput's wise thoughts here at My work here is done

Also see at Mirrors of Justice Response to Gibson which is a good reponse to a Commonweal post that is linked in that post. Prof Rick Garnett has been a huge blessing in all this.