Saturday, March 23, 2013

Louisiana Filmed Movie " The Pardon " - True Story About Murder , Execution , Child Trafficking , & Religious Conversion

The Pardon

A very important movie filmed is coming out this week . That is The Pardon.

There a lot of themes in this movie. First of course is the fact that this case generated both state and national headlines back in the day as Toni Jo Henry was the only woman every put to death in Louisiana's electric chair. See  MURDER IN A LONELY RICE FIELD

There  is also the aspect of conversion. Father Wayne Richard a Lake Charles Catholic Priest because her spiritual adviser and friend. Before she was executed she he received her into the Catholic Church and Christian Faith by Baptism.

Last but not least there is the issue of human trafficking. Born near Shreveport she fled an abused family and later went to work in brothel as a prostitute at a very young age.

The element of human trafficking in this movie is touched on in this local news story and vid. which as an interview with the director among other things.

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