Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Getting On the Bash Father Drinan Bandwagon

Not going to  bash the now dead Father  Robert Drinan  after recent allegations of sexual assault came forward. See Fr. Drinan's War on Women

A person on twitter brought up something as to this issue that has continued to bother me. That is the columnist talked about 3 sexual assaults on her person. Only one person , the dead one , was mentioned by name. That person cannot defend himself.

I have no idea it it happened or not. But the above fact makes me want to avoid slinging arrows at a dead Priest.


Anonymous said...

She gave enough information about her cousin to know who he is so she essentially named two people. If she had left it at "a person whose campaign I worked on" in vague terms like she described the others people would still know it's Father Drinan.

We could probably make a good guess at who the third one is based on some research but no one is interested.

APOV said...

It is pretty far-fetched--a Catholic priest who is not only heterosexual, but who makes sexual advanced upon a person who is over 18 years old, albeit not much over that age.

James H said...

You might be right that it's people close to the situation could connect the dots