Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Story - Ignatian Spirituality Brought To American's Most Famous Prison

I might be rough on the Jesuit Order at times but for those that follow my blog please note many of my recent past articles have been about the great things the Jesuits are doing.

Today I am happy to continiue that. Abita Deacon has a great article about how a Priest is teaching  Ignatian spirituality classes and other Catholic classes at San Quentin to the inmates. It is having quite an impact.

See Another great prison ministry story -Theology Behind Bars.

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bill bannon said...

I had Jesuits for 8 years in school. There are orthodox Jebbies and there are liberal ones. But our last two Popes, while conservative on some areas like sex, were and are way liberal on Old Testament sect.40 of Evangelium Vitae and sect.42 of Verbum Domini....(Scripture says God commanded death penalties and dooms in the OT and my above two cites insinuate that isn't so.) Yet the Jebbies catch all the anti liberal heat.
Popes are smarter. They only liberalize on hermeneutics not sex and at that they put such liberalizing in remote sections and in coy historico-critical lingo. I will never forget being in a third world country and going to Sunday Mass in a shack with 6 other people. We had a Jesuit arrive on a broken down bus and he had the Mass necessities in an old suitcase that looked like it came from grandma's attic. After Mass he got on another brokendown little bus and vanished on the jungle road. I so respected his sacrifice. Had he stayed in lay life, he probably could have been knocking down a large salary on Wall St. He gave up his life instead and God gave him a dilapidated suitcase as per the deal....except that the deal is not over...he'll one day inherit the earth...once God renovates it... per the deal in the beatitudes.