Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Conspiracy - Why Southern Baptists and Evangelicals Have HHS Birth Control Mandate Concerns

Al Mohler has an excellent post up responding to to questions on why so many Evangelicals and Sotuhern Baptist are so up in arms against the HHS contraception mandate. Is it religious liberty , problems with birth control , or is this a part of some other dark dubious scheme.

See Al Mohler responds: The evangelical unease over contraception .

Let me put  my two cents in. There is no doubt the primary concern is about religious liberty  . Religious Liberty is very much in the Southern Baptist DNA and the leaders of this faith Community take religious liberty very seriously. However lets recall that many Evangelicals have objections to very specific forms of " contraception " that is at issue.

My ancestors founded the Southern Baptist Church in South Carolina and Mississippi and during my research religious liberty against the power of the state was on their minds. In fact may greats Grandfather and his Baptist Community had to deal with this as to the State of Mississippi trying to overreach very early on. This issue is not an subterfuge for them .

Al Mohler is also right that  from a social and theological point of view many Evangelicals are looking are the consequences of birth control mentality. This is an area where many of their progressive counterparts put their heads in the sands about. It is not a very cool thing to talk about .

Still I don't expect in my lifetime for the Southern Baptist Convention to issue a Humane Vite Catholic like document in my lifetime , but there is a discussion.

However the concerns that evangelicals have over Government overreach in this case are very real , and I see that just talking to the average evangelical down here in the Bible Belt. There is no real plot or other aim here at play.

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