Friday, July 23, 2010

Catholic Vocations Increase In India Despite Persecution

Maybe that is what the United States Catholic Church needs. In fact in some ways the bump we see in vocations might be because we are under siege(though nothing like the hell we see in India there is no comparison we are not dying just hated)

See Vocations increase in India despite religious persecution, Catholic bishop report

BTW I love Bobby Jindal but I am slightly annoyed as a Indian American he is not speaking out on this.


Realist said...

Religious persecution in India, or anywhere else, is a shame. But don't you think it is an over-reaction to compare it to the concern about the safety of children in the Roman Catholic Church, which non-Catholic Americans have expressed lately? You say "we are not dying, just hated", but the motivation of people concerned about the safety of children is not hatred. I know that I do not hate Roman Catholics, Mormons, or any other victims of religious bondage. It is the leadership of these religious organizations who have deceived the members, convincing them that they can not go directly to God, but must submit to atrocities, including the molestation of their children in order to have eternal life. I certainly hope that every Priest who has ever molested a child, and every person who has ever failed to report child molestation to the authorities, feel that they are under seige. But the innocent laity who have never harmed anyone should not feel that they are under siege, and should certainly not feel that they are hated or persecuted for religious faith.

James H said...

I was not really thinking in my mind of the child molestation issue when I posted this.

I mean in the last weeks we have the misleading attacks as to the Church and women

Catholic University Prof Fired up North

We have the continued rap of the Church and sexual issues (this is goes too all Orthodox faiths).

It seems that when a part of Traditioanl Christian Teaching is under attack the Press , certain political groups, and indeed now some "Christian faiths" attack the Catholic Church.

So while I think some people use th Sexual abuse issue for other agendas I was really not thinking about that when I said we were under seige

Landman of the Apocalypse said...

In Southern India, there is an ancient sect of Catholics. Fr. Prasad Prabhu was a visiting priest in BR when we lived there, and he was a wonderful man. Before he left (about 10 years ago), he told us of the persecution and asked us to pray for his country.