Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Obama is Like the University of Georgia Football Team

For about nine months we have heard GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA.

Coach Mark Richt is just amazing and one of the best Coaches ever,

isn't it a shame that Georgia got robbed by LSU and had to play in the rinky dink Sugar Bowl,

The Georgia Quarterback is so great,

Georgia is likely to be in the National Championship Game in 09 after being robbed by LSU last year

Coach Mark Richt wife is the most amazing football Coaches wife ever,

isn't it great how the
Georgia State Legislature passed a resolution to get rid of the BCS because we all know they were the best team in and should have gone to the big game,

Georgia is back,

Did we say how amazing Coach Mark Richt was again,

Why did mere silly mortals hold the fact that we could not make it to SouthEastern Conference Championship game against us last year and not see how just FAB we were

look we are number one in the PRE SEASON polls after 7 months of non stop coach and fan whining and Atlanta media spin that demanded you acknowledge our greatness and we are the best thing since sweet tea,

Georgia is awesome,

Isn't it just horrible Georgia had to play little ole Hawaii in prime time

Look ESPN is talking about Georgia again

Georgia is the big IT for 2008 etc etc

I think I can speak for a lot of SEC fans that we are truly sick of Georgia. Expect to see what is happening to Obama to happen to Georgia.

The Campaign Spot made this astute resolution on Georgia I mean Obama Fatigue and I think both examples are apt at Is Obama's Slump From McCain's Ads? Or From Overall Barack Fatigue? He says

Tom Daschle — who hopefully is feeling some sense of relief or justice at the developments in the anthrax case — says McCain's ads mocking Obama are having an effect. I find myself less certain...

I do wonder, however, if we're seeing something Walter Shapiro discusses in Salon today — a sense of Obama fatigue. Obama's speech at the 2004 convention? The best debut of a politician in a generation, we were told (and it probably was). He won his Senate seat, and Newsweek put him on the cover of their 2004 year-end issue as the man of Purple America (for beating Alan Keyes). By 2006 Time was putting him on the cover and explaining "Why Barack Obama Might Be Our Next President." Then he won Iowa, and it was a major breakthrough in American political history. Then he gave his speech on race after the Jeremiah Wright sermons surfaced, and we were told it was the greatest speech on race since Abraham Lincoln. Then he gave his speech in Berlin, and we were told it was the greatest speech by an American overseas in anyone's memory. There's been a lot more advertising in my media market (Washington, D.C.) presumably because of the expectation that Virginia is winnable. Now we're told he's going to give the most amazing convention speech the world has ever seen, a speech so big it needs to be in a football stadium...

It's easy to imagine 51 percent of voters, as the Pew Research Center found, saying, "enough already." We get it. He's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Every speech is the greatest address he's ever given... since the last one.
Sports fans got sick of hearing about What Will Brett Favre Do for a solid month. We're now on several years, with particular intensity in the past few months, about how swell Obama is.
In light of that, one wonders if the $6 million in McCain advertising and $5 million in Obama advertising during the Olympics is such a great idea...
08/07 10:22 AM

So like Obama watch Georgia stock plummet soon.


Anonymous said...

LoL. I can't wait until January when President Obama hosts Georgia at the White House. Seeya in B.R.

Hunker Down Dawg said...

Not that facts should in any way cloud your otherwise brilliantly sunny post... but can you please cite examples of Coach Richt's constant whining for the past 7 months? Newspaper articles, magazine articles or any video will do fine. Please use any evidence that is out there after the night before the BCS final rankings came out when he was put on the spot by the football media to make his case for Georgia. That will be interesting to read. I'll check back.

FWIW, LSU deserved it and I am glad they beat the crap out of OSU.

NCT said...

I'm with ya, Hunker Down Dawg. There's been no "constant whining" by Georgia fans. But there's been near-constant whining by non-Georgia fans about the fictitious whining. You can't go to a rival's blog or message board without reading "you Georgia fans should stop complaining." I ask you, where's the complaining? You want to point to comments from January? (even then, complaints were in the distinct, very small minority)

Most Georgia fans -- and certainly Mark Richt -- have not complained even once since the Sugar Bowl that we should have been in the championship game (very few complained before).

We're pleased with LSU's opportunity and how well they represented our conference in the championship game.

Why the hate?

Oh. The Obama bashing explains a lot, I suppose. This kind of Republican partisanship can't help itself. Have fun with that.

James H said...

Good Grief,

Just fun kinda of Pulling your chain. If people noticed most SEC fans were thrilled how Georgia beat Hawaii!!!

Now as to Coach of the Georgia We all recognize that
(1) Coaches of Teams have to put themselves as Advocates for their teams to put them in the best position for the post season. I had no problem the Coach making the arguments he did and my complaints at not really with him. Again just pulling your chain. It is not really hate

(2) Lets face it the Georgia media kept on this theme of we have been robbed for some time

(3) Let us also recall that even the SEC Commish was getting a tad tired of it. After LSU won the National Championship The Commish had to remind the Georgia President of lets say some good manners

(4) I also realize the constant Georgia Promotion is indeed part of the plan for the season and PRE Season Rankings. I understand that while all Caoches say that is not important indeed it is.

(5) Georgai is number 1 enjoy it!!! But expect a lot of good nature ribbing because right now you got a targt on your backs

As to Republican Partisanship the purpose of this post was not only to combine my love for FOOTBALL and Politics but also to put a new twist on a political artictile that is of some interest.

LEt me ask you DAWG fans. Would you rather not be talked about or ignored. No one is talking up SOuth ACarolina and in fact no one is talking up the SEC EAST's Defending DIV Champs Tennennesse. Would you rather have posts like these or none at all!!!

So enjoy it my thin skinned friends!!!!

Anonymous said...

*cough* Co-Champs *cough*

James H said...

LOL Yes I SUppose Co Champs is more accurate

Also please note I picked on OLE MISS a few days ago

Hoddy Toddy Gosh Almighty Let's Hate Ole Miss

FLorida is next in my lin eof fire which I am sure Georgia Fans will love.

Please note that on my litnany of criticism I did not point out the the Whole Team Celebration thing against Florida which I loved and thought was brilliant. I will be taking Florida to task and Urban Myers whining about that coming up