Thursday, December 5, 2013

Good LA Times Guest Op Ed -Hobby Lobby & The American Value of Religious Accommodations

Law Prof Rick Garnett has an excellent Op - Ed in the LA Times today on the VALUE and TRADITION of Accommodation of religion on his column about the HHS Mandate Cases .

He also mentions an issue I keep making :

..And the question should not be whether legal protections for religious liberty stop at the sanctuary door or evaporate when a person is trying to make a living or a business is aiming to make a profit. At a time when we talk a lot about corporate responsibility and worry about the feeble influence of ethics and values on Wall Street decision-making, it would be strange if the law were to welcome sermonizing from Starbucks on the government shutdown but tell the Greens and Hobby Lobby to focus strictly on the bottom line....

This is a question that no so far that I think certain Christians and even whole Faith Communities that are very much supporting the Government in this case shy away from.

He does not mention it but one really has to wonder if accommodation does not become a value we hold dearly what does that mean for EMPLOYEES in the future. I am not sure this can be contained just to employers . 

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