Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Trend of The Christian and Biblical Illiterate Continues In The U.S.A

Pretty bad news in my opinion. It is bad news on the cultural front in that being educated did mean at one time  you were aware of some of these things.

This also leads to problems with us having no  sense of our own Western tradition that is connected to such things. Very troublesome is if  this is going to play into continued friction between believers , and non believers in the public square since one side has no concept of what the other is talking about. This I think is a major problem

Of course it is far worse as to people that Self ID themselves as believers as to  their own salvation and the ability to spread the Good news.

I would point out that as this trend continues we are in a generation of Christian believers that think they have the insight to change doctrines from a to z. I think there is a connection.

First Thoughts has a lot on this today at Evangelizing the Illiterate Literate .

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