Friday, February 3, 2012

Presbyterians, Methodists, and the Episcopal Church Attack Catholic Religious Liberty ( Birth Control Mandate )

We are seeing a little bit of sad American religious history being played out and it's the saddest part of this Obama Birth Control Mandate.

For the first time in our lives we are seeing the three Giants of the Mainline Protestant Church attack Catholic Religious Liberty. There is an attempt to go under the radar with this ,but it is happening. It remains to be seen if the Bishops have let me say the "Stones" to call this out.

I pointed out last night United Methodist Church Abandons The Catholic Church ( Obama Birth Control Mandate ) ( Update) . We can add the the Episcopal Church USA and the largest Presbyterian body to that list. See Reformed Pastor 's blog for details and links at On Your Knees, Pro-Lifers (UPDATED)

Let us be clear about the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice on a few things. It has on it's web site

Coalition membership does not require or imply conformity to all the actions and initiatives of the Coalition. Each denomination and group is free to express its own opinions and beliefs on any topic. However, the member groups appreciate and support the value of working together for shared values of justice, tolerance, and religious freedom.

However as noted by the member list the Episcopal Church, the United Methodist, and Presbyterian Church (USA) are the main Christian members. In fact no doubt they make up the main members itself as to numbers. I find it hard to believe that any policy stance or lobbying would be done on a issue of this importance without the consent of these three bodies. At least the United Methodist had the guts to put it on their web site as my prior posts shows.

The Episcopal Church not so much as I can tell. As we see here the Episcopal Church USA had an opportunity to speak out against their "lobby Group" when they were in Executive session. See from MCJ post - COMPARE AND CONTRAST . That speaks volumes.

Also lets note the "independent" Episcopal Cafe. Despite the fact that religious groups are taking stands on this issue left and right there is not a mention of even the issue. See for yourself here and go through the archives. Also unless I have missed it nothing at the Episcopal Church website.

Do they think people are that dumb. Maybe they are right. The media has not caught on.

What is also incredible as pointed out here there is displeasure it appears the Obama Birth Control mandate DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH. That is into the "4 walls " of the Church itself.

So we have these Churches actively lobby for a Law that is aimed toward Catholics that restrict our religious liberty. This is at least in my life time unprecedented.

From Pope Benedict down it's quite clear the Catholic Church is concerned about a law that in their view makes us cooperate with a evil. In fact many Catholic Institutions might close down. It's sad that the three respected bodies of the Protestant mainline don't care. It is also very frightening .

- Update- One thing should be affirmed. These bosies can give whatever services in the Instituions they want too. However these bodies are in support of GOVT force to make us do that. At some point Protestants cared about Religious liberty. Thankfully from what we have seen most do. But's the 3 main ships of the mainline do not. At least the Lutherans appear concerned


Anonymous said...

In the Protestant world liberals and conservatives are separated. Imagine what would happen if all of the liberal Catholic bishops spun off into their own church. Protestants concerned with orthodoxy do not leaven the loaf in the denominations you cite, which is why you get radicalism like this from these denoms. There are good protestant leaders of all these types who oppose this decision, just very few in the mainline churches. Protestant volatility and fragmentation is confusing, but we should try not to paint with a too broad brush.

James H said...

I totally agree. In fact people like the Lutehrans and other bodies , evangelicals , the Orthodox etc far outnumber the people talked about here.

Further a huge part of this is in the Churches I mentioned likely 99 percent of their flock have no idea this is going on in their name

Anonymous said...

the Swan of Newark moves up in the "Molech movement" ...

Anonymous said...

I attended an evangelical Christian college for part of my undergraduate education and had a fantastic theology teacher. One of the classes he taught was Contemporary Issues. I remembered his talk on abortion he stated "Don't be the Presbyterian church that took the women in during the abortion riots (of the 1980s) and gave them something to drink, and then took to the clinic after the storm was over." It was profound at the time, and ever so true today.

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