Thursday, August 5, 2010

Immigration Reform Supporters Missing Opportunity On Birthright Citizenship

The longer I am in this debate the more I think that some immigration reform supporters on the DEM and Lib side are

Stupid( To be nice Naive politics wise)


In a cynical way using the lives of 20 million to score cheap political points and don't really care about the issue besides that.

This Huff Post piece is a prime example of what I have seen over the last few days. See Birthright Citizenship and the Modern Day Know Nothings

Does she really think the Senators she mentions are racist. Oh and by the way no one is talking about repealing the 14th amendment but to amend it

Has she not noticed some of the major anti immigrant organizations are trying to pour cold water on even considering this idea of amending the 14th amendment. Are you curious why that is so? Curious at all?

What I am hearing from Mark Krikorian who rants against immigration (legal and illegal) is don't fall for this!! Birthright Citizenship is not the problem. IT's A TRAP. In other words he is concerned such talk by these Senators might in a way lead people to be more amenable to what he calls AMNESTY

The fact that this author and other are on the same page as Mark Krikorian should give them pause.

I am not saying that we should amend the 14th amendment to require at least one parent to be a American Citizen. However it is worth looking at. There is nothing "Know Nothing" recognizing that we do in fact have a birth right tourism business here. That it is abused and that makes Americans angry.

If people would not throw out the racism word for 5 seconds especially against their allies in the GOP then perhaps American might see that as a sign we are worried about their concerns.

We are not talking about making citizens non citizens. We are talking about changing the rules for the future. This sign of dialogue might go a little way in dealing with the millions of illegals here and to give them some sort of legal status

So please stop the GOP wants to bring back Dred Scott ads. Just stop. We can have a discussion. It seems a lot of the GOP is not seem thrilled with amending it anyway. But just treating people with respect instead of calling Know Nothings might give us progress. It might lower the temperature.

Can we stop for five seconds using illegals and their lives for perhaps cheap political points?

For the record my Great great great Grandfather was a victim of the Know Nothings. So before you call people like Lindsey Graham of all people Know Nothings do a little thinking.

To my Democrat friends that are for immigration reform this Republican pleads with you to use some damn sense.

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