Monday, July 7, 2008

Kathryn Jean Lopez Obsession With Huckabee Continues

Update- My Comments below as to the National Review do not extend to Bryon York that showed Journalistic integrity during the last Republican Primary.

Mrs Lopez has an obsession actually with all Republicans that don't meet her litmus test.

For instance she gets all in a snit when she sees Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina near McCain. What is bad is this obsession continues when we should be coming together for the election fight.

Perhaps the good Senator of South Carolina needs to invite Mrs Lopez down to South Carolina and kiss her ass for about a week and feed her Mint Juleps as they overlook the bay in Charleston and she informs him of how the GOP and Country shall be run.

Who knows it appears Romney found her a a pretty cheap date to get her over to his side so perhaps it will work.

Of course Mrs Lopez is a tad miffed no doubt that many people ignored her advice, the National Reviews advice, Rush's advice , etc and decided that Romney was not the best thing since sliced bread.

I suspect they find this all intolerable and when one operates inside the belt way and among Manhattan Conservatives one gets used to thinking that one is the infallible teacher of who is Conservative and who is not.

What Mrs Lopez and others should have learned were that they were a Conservative political version of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the GOP Curia ,and she was not the conservative political version of Cardinal Ratzinger whose was looked too to set the line on Orthodoxy or who was a true conservative.

Those damn voters thought different and got in the way it seems. However Mrs Lopez is still on the Inquistion.

In a way Romney was hurt by the slash and burn tactics of his supposed Allies. Serious people and serious conservatives and Republicans did not take kindly when she stated that Huckabee was a Christian Socialist.

Much of my dislike for Romney came from what his surrogates were saying. I now realize that perhaps I was wrong to think they were truly speaking for him. That is a example of why Mrs Lopez's approach is non productive.

Regardless, many Conservatives thought National Reviews active campaigning for someone in the Republican primary was a crucial mistake that would come back to bite them.

Maybe Huckabee needs to invite to her Hot Springs or go Diamond Hunting or a weekend accross the border in Branson Missouri and free tickets to the Baldknobbers so Huckabee can tell her how important she is and she can informs him of the "true conservative" way he should have ran Arkansas.

A day does not go by that on the Corner blog that she cannot make a snide remark about Huckabee or Graham, or sadly McCain!!

NO doubt she is pimp in for Romney for VP. I swear to God and the Saints in Heaven She even somehow brought him up as to entry she did on the Pope's visit. That is fine.

However she needs to learn as we are trying to bring the party together there is no need to take shots at other Republicans and their supporters. I don't why this is such a hard lesson for a educated woman that got a fine degree from Catholic University to comprehend!!

I opposed Romney in the primary but I quit going negative on him after the primary was lost. Mrs Lopez does not seem to understand that when one attacks a politicians that their supporters feel attacked. This is not good for McCain of the GOP.

It appears she still has learning to do.

Mrs Lopez has a piece up called:
Huckabee’s No Savior for McCain The good news for Republicans is not the former Arkansas governor.

She informs us that:
The problem with Huckabee is that he is not conservative. When Huckabee won the Iowa caucus in January, conservative Club for Growth President Pat Toomey declared, “Huckabee’s win in Iowa is a temporary setback for conservatism.” The former Republican congressman from Pennsylvania continued, “It often seems like Huckabee goes out of his way to anger the other elements of the conservative movement instead of courting them, dismissing his critics who believe in economic freedom and a strong national defense as members of the Washington establishment, Wall Street millionaires and secular elitists.”

She goes on. We now see who is pulling Mrs Lopez's Chain. The Club for Growth!!!! The Club for Growth, among other things, thinks that raising gas taxes a penny to build needed roads like Huckabee did is a sign of not not being conservative. By the way Bryon York was asking tough questions on this at the time. Mrs Lopez did not chime in for some reason.

One gets a sense that she is less concerned about who McCain picks for VP than is to continue her little war against Huckabee and other Republicans. It does not matter if from a practical sense this should wait till after November.

For the record I am a Huckabee supporter. I also have come to the conclusion that neither Romney nor Huckabee should be on the ticket but that McCain needs a exciting and dynamic face. I come partly to this conclusion because Lopez shows faction of the party can not let go petty fights that occur in the heat of a primary

By the way Mrs Lopez has been huge Fan of Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

As I predicted months ago the extremists at the Club for Growth would not like him. Watch Mrs Lopez do a 180 on him as soon as she gets her marching orders.

We can only pray that people lile Mrs Lopez realize that before they engage the 2012 race we still have one in 08 to do.


Pro Ecclesia said...

Great post! As you know, I takes my shots at Lopez' inane commentary, as well. Her pro-Romney cheerleading has been sickening. The fact that Romeny "passes" her litmus test, while others who have been far more conservative for far longer do not, is evidence of just how much of an intellectual lightweight she really is.

Pro Ecclesia said...

And, for the record, I still hold hard feelings toward Huckabee stemming from the early battles (some of which, I am convinced, had anti-Catholic undertones) against Brownback.

I know you disagree, but I've heard from more than one source about the "whisper campaign" among evangelicals in Iowa.

Nevertheless, Huckabee trumps Romney as far as I'm concerned. Which is why Lopez is either clueless (the charitable spin) or bought-and-paid-for (the uncharitable spin).

James H said...

LOL, Yeah Mrs Lopez drives me up the wall. She actually writes good stuff sometimes but I think she would benefit from walking around the block before she hits the submit button.

She alienates a ton of people that perhaps then will not listen to her at other times. Including me.

I guess after now 3 months of this garbage I just had it with her.It is time for her to let go for a few months

THe National Review needs some more diverse conservative voices to balance others out over there IMHO .

I still wonder how many of these Conservative bloggers , pundits , etc might be getting paid consulting fees or whatever for some of what they write. Mrs Lopez's constant bulldog tactics on certain folks make me wonder