Monday, March 7, 2011

Is the Religion of the Wisconsin Governor Dangerous?

Well so thinks one writer at the Huff post. . MCJ frissk this rather silly article at

Let me add I am not sure what Catholic sources she is reading. It is pretty clear from the Bishop's statements that while they support workers they make it clear there can be difference of opinion here.

Also she gets some Bush bashing in

This is the same sort of evangelical spirituality that shaped George W. Bush--and led to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Once you know God's direction, no change is allowed. Doubt opens the door to failure. Obeying Christ's plan is the only option. In this theological universe, hard-headedness is a virtue, compromise is the work of the Devil, and anything that works to accomplish God's plan is considered ethically justifiable.

Hmm Bush was a pretty average Texas Methodist. Are they now dangerous too?


Teresa said...

The people at the Huffington Post are into the practice of lunacy and the followers over there don't fall far from the NUT tree either so I wouldn't put too much stock in what they claim over there.

James H said...

I mean its CRAZY. I mean she just bashed a lot of people for their faith. Its so simplistic its incredible